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    Company History

    How did it all start?

    The origins of Cristihomes go back to 2010, when our CEO and founder Christine Free decided to step forward and start a new path on her own. But where does our founder's courage and enthusiasm for the real estate sector come from?

    Christine Free was born in Redhill, a small town in the United Kingdom. Trained in management, she took care of a retail jewelers during a couple of years. Despite the fact that all her family were in the United Kingdom, when she was only 26 years old, she made the decision of coming over and starting a new life in our lovely town, Benalmadena.

    Benalmádena Costa - 1992

    Inauguración Cristihomes - 2010

    Beginning of Cristihomes

    In1998, at just 33 years old, she started working in a recognized estate agency in Benalmadena. Thanks to her energetic and enthusiastic personality she quickly raised to the top, becoming the sales manager of a team of more than 10 commercials under her responsibility. But obviously, her way of being did not allow her to put a ceiling on her professional career, and it was in 2010 when she decided to become a pioneering woman entrepreneur and open the doors of her own business, Cristihomes Real Estate.

    Family business

    For those who have not experienced it, Christine forged such a relationship with her clients and friends that not even the great crisis of that time could with the established foundations. The passion she put into her work was so great that her son, Daniel Free, with only a few years of age, used to accompany her to the notary signatures. The years passed, and Daniel wanted to contribute his grain of sand to this exciting project, and at only 18 years old, combining his university studies, he began his career in the real estate sector. As everyone knows, time does not forgive, and Christine was not going to allow her great project to cease, so in 2017 she extended her hand and made Daniel fully participate of her project, becoming co-owner of Cristihomes Real Estate.

    Unicasa - 1998

    Cristihomes - 2023

    Leading Real Estate Company

    Nowadays Daniel's fresh air with his new ideas and dynamic updated working tools perfectly combine with Christine's more than 25 years of experience.

    The unexpected growth of the project has been so good, that in 2021 they made the decision to enlarge their team. It was clear to them that only someone who was part of the family could participate; it was then that Víctor Mesa, after his years of experience as a business advisor in the automotive sector, joined Cristihomes, bringing new ilusions, energy and enthusiasm to the team.